😕 Where can I book a transfer and what other options do I have??

😀 We can organise the transfer for you. This is the easiest option.  An alternative is for you to take a taxi from the airport, but is more expensive. The third option is a public bus (dolmus). Here you must take the bus from the airport to the bus station in Antalya. From here you will take the bus to Kumluca. Once in Kumuca (at the bus station) you must call us so we can send you a taxi. This only works during the day and requires a little patience on your part.

😕 Where is Adrasan and how far is it from the Antalya airport?

😕 Why does the map seem to display incorrectly?

😀 Unfortunately this seems to happen with Microsoft Internet Explorer more than other web browsers. For example, IE 8 achieves only 20% compatibility with mapping applications by contrast  Mozilla Firefox often achieves 97%!  We recommend that you update to a newer version or use another browser, because the problems are not only to our site! -> Click here to download a browser.

😕 Are there any shops in Adrasan?

😀 There are small markets in Adrasan, where you can get the most important things. There is also a pharmacy in Adrasan village.

😕 How can I pay?

😀 We prefer cash payment in Euros or Turkish lira.

Credit cards can be taken but we prefer cash.

😕 Can I change money in Adrasan?

😀 Small amounts of up to € 100 can usually be changed at your hotel.  There are no banking facilities or ATMs in Adrasan. On the way from the airport to Adrasan there are ATM machines, where you can withdraw your money. TIP: Try to avoid the exchange facilities at the airport as they usually have the worst exchange rates.

😕 Is there an ATM in Adrasan?

😀 No unfortunately there is no ATM in Adrasan.

😕 What documents must be submitted to dive with us?

😀 To be able to dive with us you must have an international diving certificate (PADI, SSI, CMAS, etc.), a logbook and a valid medical certificate.

😕 What is a valid medical certificate?

😀 If you are 40 or younger then a certificate stating that you are medically fit to dive from your home doctor is valid for 2 years. Above the age of 40 such a certificate is valid only for  12 months. There are the Turkish rules.

😕 Do you have Nitrox?

😀 Yes, we have EANx 32 and EANx 36.

😕 What does Nitrox cost?

😀  There is a per tank surcharge of €3 for EANx 32 and of €4 for EANx 36.

😕 What size tank do you have?

😀 We have 10 litre, 12 litre and 15 litre steel tanks.

😕 Do the tanks have DIN or INT connections?

😀 All the tanks have DIN connections and we have INT adapters so our tanks can be used with both regulator systems.

😕 Is there wireless internet at the dive centre?

😀 Yes we have a W-LAN at the dive centre and our guests are welcome to use it. It is password protected so be sure to ask one of the staff is you wish to use it. We do suffer from the occasional loss of internet connection from time to time.