The dive starts in shallow water and leads to a wall that drops vertically to about 50 meters. Swimming along the wall are many monkfish and will often see large groupers. In about 10 metres of water along the wall we will suddenly come across a large hole – the entrance to Bat Cave.Don’t worry as this is not a narrow cave. The entrance to the cave is about 10 metres in diameter and it easy for several divers to swim through together. The entrance runs for about 15 meters into the cave. It is a beautiful sight to look back at the entrance and with a little luck; you’ll see some large amber mackerels swim past. There is then is a kink and a 30 metre long large tunnel leads into the cave where you can admire a large number of shrimp, sea cucumbers and crabs. The tunnel is in 5 metres of water depth is therefore well suited for your safety stops. As you continue along the cave it is possible to surface inside a cavern and if you look up to the ceiling you see many sleeping bats. By following the tunnel further, either by diving or snorkeling out, you come to the shallow bay on the other side of the headland with its multitude of small fish or squid. We end our dive in this bay and rejoin the boat. A great dive.

Fledermaushöhle          Kalmare im Flachwasser

Entrance Bat Cave                                                                   Squids in shallow water