The Horn of Cavus Cavus

Burnu is also known as the Horn of Cavus. For this dive spot, we anchor directly in front of a steep rock face which plunges 30 metres beneath the boat. First, we dive to the wall until we reach a small cave covered in pretty underwater plants and anemones. Then we leave the cave and follow the reef. After about five minutes the wall descends to a depth of 30 metres. Here, there are overhangs alive with soldier fish and yellow sponges. Now we have to slowly ascend to between 5 and 18 metres up the reef. On the upper reef there are many small rocks frequented by murays, grouper fish, and in spring lobsters, as well. Finally, we leave the reeftop and come once more to a steep wall where we dive back to the boat. For experienced divers there is also an unusual obeslisk further out to sea that is 23 metres under the surface.

Überhänge mit Soldatenfischen          Geweihschwämme