Hacivat is a pointed rock which was named after a Turkish puppet. The boat will be anchored in about 10 metres of water. We dive straight down towards the rocks and reach a canyon with walls beautifully decorated with red sponges. After we have dived through the canyon, we swim along a reef that extends to just below the water surface. The bottom falls away gently and you can see many ancient relics on the seabed including massive anchors and amphorae. If you look along the reef wall, you can expect to see many monk fish. On the other side of the reef is a steep wall which drops to 40 meters. Here large dragon heads and large shoals of barbel swim. Leaving the steep wall, the reef rises again and is ideal for our safety stops.

Hacivat Steilwand           großer Drachenkopf

Hacivat wall                                                                                Big scorpian fish