Leek Island North is north of Adrasan bay. It is so called because there are wild leeks growing there. It is ideal for wall diving and drift diving. We jump right on the north side into the water. Here there is a steep wall that drops almost vertically to 80 metres. We make our way slowly down to about 20 metres. You will now see in front of us a large, dark hole – the entrance to a huge cave. The entrance is fantastic covered with invertebrates such as crystal and peacock anemones. Around us there are many Mediterranean angelfish and one looks down we can often see large groupers and amber mackerel. If you dive into the cave, you are frequently rewarded with shrimp and slipper lobsters. After we leave the cave, we follow the wall towards the surface. The wall is beautifully covered with red algae and sponges. In the crevices, you can often find hidden moray eels and octopus.

Lauchinsel Steilwand          Eingang Lauchinsel Höhle

Leek Island North wall                                                             Leek Island North cave