Leek Island South.

Now we drop anchor on the south side of Leek Island. Underwater, the island stretches south. The dive starts five metres below the surface and just above a plateau. First we dive gently east. After a few metres, we reach a rock face plunging to almost 50 metres, and we swim along it, right shoulder to the wall. Schools of monk fish play here, and with luck, swarms of mackerel charge past too. After about 50 metres, the reef ends in a canyon about 40 metres deep and 20 metres wide. If we dive over the canyon, we reach yet another reef. Here, you can often find muray eels lurking in crevices, and early in the year, plenty of lobsters can be spotted, too. The reef is littered with nudibranches, as well. Finally, we begin the return journey to the boat by crossing back over the reef. You can frequently see octopus and young Muray eels under the boat during the safety stop.

Zackenbarsch           Fadennacktschnecke