Port Lodos

Lodos is the name of the south wind, so this dive spot could also be called South Wind Harbour. Not far from here lie the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis, both of which had their own harbours. We presume in ancient times, in the event of strong southerly winds, ships would wait at Lodos Harbour for the wind to drop. Those that insisted on sailing further often lost their anchors. We know this because from 25 metres below the surface you can view a number of ancient anchors issue from various historical epochs. There is even a square anchor from the Bronze Age. But this dive spot is not only worth a visit for its historical relics. Shoals of fish are everywhere, and you can find muray eels in between the rocksl. At the end of the dive, there is a beautiful surface-level canyon to discover, as well.

Antike Anker LodosLimani          Fischwärme