Speciality Course – Enriched Air Diver

What is Nitrox?

“Enriched Air ” means “oxygen-enriched air” (commonly referred to as NITROX) that contains more than the usual 21% oxygen.
In recreational diving, we use enriched air with a maximum of 40% oxygen.

Why Nitrox?

Divers using oxygen-enriched air in order to extend their no decompression time limits and so extend their dive times.
When diving with enriched air a portion of the nitrogen you breathe underwater is replaced by oxygen so that you absorb less nitrogen than you would breathe during the same dive using normal compressed air.


Course Standards and Overview

This course is designed to provide recreational divers with the technical knowledge to qualify as an PADI Enriched Air Diver and so be able to undertake enriched air (Nitrox) dives . An Enriched Air Diver can dive with Nitrox tanks that have an oxygen content of between 22% and 40%. The most common Nitrox mixes are with 32% and 36% oxygen.

If you are thinking of becoming a PADI Enriched Air Diver then you may prefer to undertake the theoretical course work before you come to Adrasan. This can be done by e-learning or through the traditional book work. This saves you time when you are here on holiday allowing you to learn at your own pace without the stress of having to learn everything at once.
The course can be completed without taking any dives.

Duration: max. 2 days
Price:  €89.00